Summer of 2011

Sailing in 2011Posted by sigurjon Sat, May 21, 2011 15:04:27

The Risör regatta is the highlight of the festival.

Risör woodenboat festival i August 2011.

There were many beautiful boats and very nice people. Risör is an old sailing town, and used to have one of the biggest fleet of sailing ships in Norway, but when the steam ships came Risör somehow did not make it.

But in the summer Risör rises to its old glory and is a home to many beautiful wooden ships.

In June Valtýr will come out of the winterstorage in Strömstad in Sweden, and then we will start cruising in Norway Sweden Denmark and perhabs go to Germany and France.

We will be on the water until end of September.

In this blog you will be able to follow us and if you happen to be close to us feel free to come by for a chat.

You can also follow us on Facebook "Langskip"

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Summer of 2010

Sailing to Norway 2010Posted by sigurjon Mon, May 09, 2011 09:46:08

Sailing to Norway in 2010

Valtýr in front of the new Opera in Reykjavik, just before leaving for Norway.

Motoring out of Reykjavik harbour , on our way to first stop Höfn on the east coast of Iceland.

Here we are in Höfn, a small fising village on the east coast of Iceland, our last stop before sailing across the Atlantic to Norway.

In Höfn our first mate Björn Árnason cooked Icelandic scampi while the cook Valur Valtýsson enjoyed a Viking beer.

And when we came to Thorshavn in the Faroe Islands, Birgir Enni captain on Nordlyset cooked a wonderful meal "Grind and spik". Whale meat and whale fat. If you ever come to the Faeroes you will certainly enjoy the hospitality of the wonderful people of the islands.

With Björn first mate and Valur cook on Valtýr are Janusz and Joelle our friends who just came sailing from Greenland on Vagabondelle. They have been sailing in Artic waters for over 30 years.

And then we sail on

Next stop Shetland Islands

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